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The contest is open for recipe submissions January 8 – February 16, 2024 for:

  • Professional restaurant chefs living in the United States
  • Students from accredited U.S.-based culinary schools
Mozzarella And Melon Square

The online 2024 Great Mozzarella Showdown Recipe Contest is a search for new, innovative and commercially-viable foodservice dishes using Mozzarella. There are two categories: the first features Mozzarella as the key ingredient, and the second features Fresh Mozzarella. Recipes cannot contain a pizza or entree menu application, instead focusing on other dayparts and cuisine types such as appetizers, handheld items, flatbreads, salads, etc. 


Chefs will select a category and submit a recipe concept. The entry form includes the following:

  1. The name of dish
  2. The primary ingredients (make sure to include all dairy ingredients)
  3. Two photographs – one of the prepared dish and the other of the cooked, finished dish
  4. A description of the dish, with length limited to 250 words, that describes how Mozzarella is the star of the dish.
There are no limits to the number of entries per person. Entrant may enter one or multiple recipes in one or both categories. 


Judges will review all submissions and select the top four dishes in each category to compete in the finals. Judging criteria will be based on previous contests with a heavy emphasis on the use of California-made Mozzarella cheese. Cheese-centric recipes are paramount to provide diners with a “taste of cheese in every bite”. Evaluation measures will also include recipe innovation and flavor expectations. Two Category Winners will be selected.