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CMAB Announces Winning Recipes

Mike Castaneda from Devour/The Dore in Wellington, KS, took home the Mozzarella category prize for his Quesabirria Egg Rolls recipe.

Rebecca Peizer, from All Things Culinary in Napa, CA, was the winner in the Fresh Mozzarella category with her Burrata-Ganoush Skewers recipe.

Full exclusive recipe book is available now!

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Category: Fresh Mozzarella

Burrata-Ganoush Skewers

Crispy, za'atar-spiced Real California Mozzarella skewers with a rich Stracciatella-Ganough spread on grilled pita.

Rebecca Peizer
All Things Culinary
Napa, CA

Fresh Mozzarella Meatball

Real California Burrata with juicy, ground chicken thigh meat creates a savory meatball with a creamy, cheesy center.

Jay Abrams
Full Heart Hospitality
San Francisco, CA

The Mighty Mozzarella

Pistachio-crusted Real California Fresh Mozzarella patty, prosciutto, and arugula on an everything seasoning bun, with a rich tomato confit, Calabrian chilies aioli, and a touch of balsamic glaze.

Jason Triail
The Habit Burger
Orange, CA


Real California bocconcini mozzarella balls with fresh peas and a vibrant, aromatic tomato-onion sauce. Seasoned with warming spices like garam masala, vadouvan, and turmeric, served with naan bread.

Ryan Ososky
Dtown Pizzeria
West Hollywood, CA

Category: Mozzarella

Egg Rolls

Rich and flavorful birria beef with Real California Mozzarella cheese, wrapped in crispy egg roll sheets. Served with a side of consommé for dipping and garnished with fresh cilantro and lime for an added burst of flavor.

Mike Castaneda
Devour/The Dore
Wellington, KS

Muffaletta Mozzarella Rolls

Savory mortadella-wrapped Real California mozzarella, creates a rich, cheesy center surrounded by a mix of finely chopped olives and giardiniera, in a buttery, flake phyllo dough.

Lauren Katz
The Difference Baker
Ashburn, VA

Mozzarella Frico Chips & Dip

Real California Mozzarella and fire-roasted poblano pepper nestled inside crispy, golden fricos made from Real California Dry Jack cheese. Served with a smoky guajillo chili sauce and garnished with fresh cilantro, radish, and lime.

Nick Kite
Wine Way Inn
Calistoga, CA

Buffalo Mozzarella Wontons

Shredded chicken breast, Real California Mozzarella, and hot sauce wrapped in crispy wonton wrappers. Deep-fried to golden perfection, perfectly complemented by a rich Cajun honey ranch dipping sauce.

Sierra Stevens
Sodexo at SVU
Buena Vista, VA